Happy to dig up behavioural based insights that could drive a long term brand platform or simply improve activation responses. I write surveys with more interesting than usual questions, create great research stimulus and will facilitate groups if required. I also have a special skill in making brand/pitch books and sizzle reels.

Not just random ideas but smart, simple, stupid, spectacular or beautiful ideas fit for purpose. Shareable content, film, print, digital activations and utility. My ideas are fully landed and client ready with minimal effort required from the agency team.

Design & Art Direction
Some agencies take ideas back in-house others want me to deliver a final output. I don’t mind either way. I can direct shoots, in-house creative teams, or external specialist resource. I’ll even write and design brand/campaign guidelines if you need them.

Customer Experience
I Love it when we finally get people to actually ‘touch’ a brand. I’ve created live events, broken world records, put on concerts, developed games, designed clothing, made a cafĂ©, set up a sculpture, curated exhibitions, wire-framed UX and built apps. No job to scary.

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