Little Shop of Coffee

  • Client:

Pitch work. Concept copy:

Hurrying along, dying for a coffee when…what the?… did the guy in front really just walk into that vending machine?

You can’t help yourself now. You saunter up to the same machine, put a coin in, and, hey presto!, the door swings open. A waft of fresh coffee aroma and the sounds of steaming milk, chatter and music greet you at the door. You step in cautiously and it slowly dawns on you: you’ve just discovered the best-kept secret in the city. Possibly the smallest, coolest café you’ve ever seen in your life. A friendly barista offers you a menu and you pull up a stool next to the same guy you just saw outside. The door clicks shut behind you and you’re completely taken in by a hidden world of coffee delight.

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