Do Your Thing

Cancer Council’s Community Fund Raising department was in need of some brand organisation. With CFR being the catch all division for anyone wishing to complete an activity and donate the funds to Cancer Council. We developed Do Your Thing and DOgual the wee character used to identify the ‘Thing’ you wanted to do. Brand manifesto:

Everyone’s got their thing…

Dressing head to toe in yellow and parading the streets with 200 mates to raise money. That’s Simon Webster’s Thing. Taking a stranger’s photo and making a donation as ‘payment’. That’s George Miskovski’s Thing. Your Thing may be tennis. Or baking. Or trekking in the Himalayas. Maybe you want to break the world record for eating baked beans with a cocktail stick. Whatever it is, when you Do Your Thing you can make a difference in the fight against cancer.

At Cancer Council we organise big fundraising events – such as Pink Ribbon Day, Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea and Daredallion Week. But we also have Do Your Thing for people who want to, well, do their own Thing.

That doesn’t mean you’re on your own, though. Cancer Council will do what we can to help you help us. And is where that help starts. Your Thing may be one of our favourite Things. The Fun Run Thing. The Bowls Thing. The Headshave Thing. The Golf Thing. The I-don’t-need-prezzies-on-my-birthday-so-make-a-donation-instead-of-buying-me-a-gift-Thing, For those and others, we’ve pre-arranged help ready to go.

But if it’s someThing else – whether conventional or crazy – we can help there too. With ideas and inspiration. With help to plan, manage and publicise. With one-on-one advice from people who’ve been doing their Thing for years. And, importantly, with your personal web page so people can support your Thing online. So go ahead. Do it your way. Do it now. Do Your Thing!

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