Australia Day 2011

  • Client:
    NSW Government

We are what we say

Our identity as individuals is defined outwardly by what we wear, what we eat, by our work and our play. But just as important, perhaps more so, is what happens inwardly – what we think and believe, our hopes and aspirations. These characteristics only take form when we express them – in words.

The 2011 design idea invites people from all walks of life, some famous, others less so, to say something in their own words that tells us how they feel about Australia. An opinion, an observation, a question – the more quotable the better. We’ll capture not just their words but the expression of those words in their own writing, whether bold and effusive, or neat and measured. We’ll give them the tools, the paper and the space. These graphic statements will build into a collection that defines through words who we are, how we think and what we believe.

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